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Did you know that almost 400 million children around the world will be living with obesity by 2035? That’s 100% more than in 2020. Childhood obesity can profoundly affect physical, social and emotional wellbeing, academic performance and self-esteem. This often carries through to adolescence and into adulthood.

Young people are being let down by systemic factors – like aggressive food marketing and unequal access to healthcare – that make it difficult to lead healthy lives. It’s time they were involved in developing solutions for a better future.

Let's get talking...

This World Obesity Day, start a conversation about obesity with someone you know. Why not begin with one of the topics below? Or choose from our wider selection of topic cards.

Let's talk about... giving young people the power to act on obesity

As the next generation of adults, parents, workers and decision makers, youth must be part of the answer! How can we engage young people in the conversation about obesity?

Let's talk about... food marketing as a contributing cause of obesity

There is a complex relationship between food systems and health, and the marketing of food products has a known link to obesity. What types of food are marketed to young people near you?

Let's talk about... turning conversations into action

When we talk, debate and share our stories we can change perspectives and health outcomes. Together, young people can be a powerful voice calling for real action. What will you do? Read on for more ideas.


En savoir plus sur l'obésité

Have you ever thought about the language people use when discussing obesity? It is common to see obesity talked about in a negative way which risks reinforcing stereotypes, simplifying the causes of obesity and contributing to weight stigma. There are also many misconceptions about obesity – like the idea that obesity is the fault of the individual.

Use our resources to understand the roots of obesity, take part in collaborative action, and learn how to talk about the topic in an inclusive way with friends, family, and youth groups.



children around the world are projected to be living with obesity by 2035

Devenez un défenseur

Young people have a right to be heard.

Young people have been overlooked for too long in health policy decision-making. Becoming an advocate is a good way to reach policymakers and organisations with the power to create change. These resources help young people and their allies to get started as advocates:

Join our campaign

Young people have a major role to play in creating healthier systems for a better future. Make sure your voice is heard on World Obesity Day! We have a range of resources that you can use in all sorts of ways:

  • Share your experiences and ideas
  • Organise a group discussion or activity
  • Print or display information in your community
  • Spread the word on social media
Find campaign tips and resources
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Find inspiration in others

Bite Back 2030 - le mouvement de la jeunesse britannique pour des systèmes alimentaires plus sains :

Actuellement, le système alimentaire est truqué contre nous. Nous pouvons et devons redéfinir le système pour protéger la santé et l'avenir de millions d'enfants.

Bite Back 2030, Londres,