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Let's get talking...

This World Obesity Day, start a conversation about obesity with someone you know. Why not begin with one of the topics below? Or choose from our wider selection of topic cards.

Let's talk about... how the media conversation around obesity can be improved.

Some of the images and language currently used in the media are known to perpetuate inaccurate and negative stereotypes about obesity. What resources do you think would be useful to reframe obesity in the media? Let us know.

Pour les demandes de renseignements concernant la presse et les médias, veuillez remplir le formulaire ci-dessous.

Conseils aux médias :

Please don’t contribute to weight bias in the media. Don't assign blame or perpetuate negative stereotypes. Mention and illustrate the roots of obesity and obesogenic environments, and encourage help-seeking. Always use people-first language, and neutral and scientific words. You can find respectful, free-to-use images at the World Obesity Federation Image Bank and the ECPO image bank.

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