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Wendy’s story

For years, Wendy Reaser believed the negative comments that she received as a person living with obesity. Telling her story has helped her to realise everything she has to offer the world. Now, she’s determined to speak out about obesity to anyone willing to listen.

Here is her story:


Hi, my name is Wendy and I’m from Saskatchewan, Canada. I’m living with obesity and decided that it’s time for me to speak up and share my story.

I’ve been treated as less important than others for most of my adult life, by strangers, medical professionals and in some cases even members of my own family. For many years I let statements like “She’s just fat and lazy and doesn’t want to put the effort into being healthy” and “I didn’t make you fat, you did that to yourself” define who I thought I was. I thought that because I was obese, I deserved these comments – that it was OK for people to talk to me like that.

Over the past couple of years, I have learned that it’s never OK for anyone to speak to someone like that. It’s never OK for someone to feel like their appearance defines who they are.

I have told my story through Obesity Canada, World Obesity, and I even did an episode on a podcast talking about how medical professionals have treated me because of my weight. Each time I tell my story, the people that made comments to me become a little less powerful.

I’m learning that I’m an amazing person who has a lot to offer the world, and that to some the world wouldn’t be the same without me in it. I will continue to tell my story to anyone that is willing to listen.

Often, it is more difficult for those listening to me than it is for me when I’m telling my story – and to be honest, that’s how I want it to be. Sometimes the things that make us the most uncomfortable are the things that are the most worth talking about.

I would love to see more resources made available to people living with obesity – things like medications, counselling, and support groups.

Like everything else, unless you live through it, you don’t understand it. But because you can see obesity, it’s easy to jump to conclusions about how the person living with it got there. Here’s the truth though; you don’t know. There are many variables, from genetics, to medications to lifestyle choices that can cause obesity.

I’m doing this video today because I think it is important to educate people about obesity. It is important to get the message out that we are not fat and lazy and that we have a lot to contribute to society.

I want to end this video by saying that no matter what anyone says to you or about you, it is never OK if it makes you uncomfortable. It is never OK if it brings you to tears.

If you feel like you need help or support, there are groups like Obesity Canada and World Obesity out there, with support and guidance to help you in whatever they can help you with and access to resources you need.

Please don’t suffer in silence. Obesity is a lonely disease. So don’t hesitate to use the resources available to you. And remember, you are not alone in this.