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Dr Kyesha Murrell’s story

Dr Kyesha Murrell’s story

I am Dr Kyesha Murrell, from the beautiful island of Barbados, a country of only 166 square miles filled with pride and excellence.

My journey started nine years after being at my heaviest weight and having a HbA1c (average blood glucose) level in the prediabetic range. I have since lost 50lbs and continue each year with personal goals to be healthier and fitter. As my confidence grew, I started an Instagram page and brand focused on advocacy, support and inspiration for others. And as a budding anaesthesiologist, I have used my career to educate and advocate to my patients about the importance of exercise. I have even become part of the health and wellness committee at my hospital.

I became aware of the World Obesity Federation when looking for courses to learn about obesity and I found SCOPE. I became the first and only Barbadian to become SCOPE certified in April 2021. With that, I have assisted patients, followers and friends to kickstart their fitness journeys. My future goal is to open a health and wellness facility that caters to all the needs of people with obesity –physically, mentally and emotionally. I want to educate people that obesity should be treated based on each patient’s needs and not using a fixed regimen for all.

World Obesity Day is important for showcasing new developments and educating others about obesity. My message to everyone this year is: Live for You!

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